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Leadership Music Has Selected 47 Industry Leaders For Its 28th Class

NASHVILLE (6-3-2016) – Leadership Music’s 28th class will be composed of 47 industry leaders from across the country. Founded in 1989 by twelve music industry alumni of Leadership Nashville, Leadership Music has graduated more than 1,100 leaders. The annual program is designed to create a forum for established music industry leaders to identify and explore issues currently affecting the music industry; to learn as they deep-dive into almost every segment of the music business; and to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences while building lasting relationships with classmates and alumni.

“The Leadership Music Class of 2017 is an impressive group of industry professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise from a diverse field of those that work within the music business,” said Diane Pearson, Senior Vice President, City National Bank who, as immediate past president of the board of directors, co-chaired the selection committee with Mike Craft, President of Leadership Music and Senior Vice President Finance, Big Machine Label Group.
“We had a record number of applications this year, and choosing 47 applicants from among those who applied is one of the most challenging tasks for the selection committee. The selection committee, composed of 28 alumni from every facet of the industry, deliberates over a four-week period, and makes every effort to choose the most balanced and diverse class possible. We all consider it a privilege to serve on this committee.”

Participants first attend an orientation and alumni welcome reception in September, a two-day Opening Retreat in October, followed by six all-day sessions once a month, ending in May with graduation at a two-day Closing Retreat.


Members of the Class of 2017 are:

  • Whit Adamson, President, Tennessee Association of Broadcasters
  • Marshall Altman, Producer/President, Galt Line Music, Inc.
  • Darcy Anderson, District Director, Office of Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn
  • Justine Avila, Executive Director, Music City Music Council
  • Rob Baker, Artist Manager, Longshot Management
  • Katherine Beakes, Director, Finance, Universal Music Group Nashville
  • Josh Bennett, Nashville Head, Nielsen Music
  • Chris Blair, President/Owner, The Listening Room
  • Amy Bryan, Director of Talent Buying Division, REACH
  • Amanda Cates, Head of Marketing & Digital Strategy, Maverick Management
  • Susan Chertkof, Senior VP, Business & Legal Affairs, RIAA (Washington, DC)
  • RAC Clark, President, Lion’s Heart Entertainment (Los Angeles)
  • Jeff Cuellar, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, AC Entertainment (Oak Park, IL)
  • Melinda Drennan, Partner, Dodd, Drennan & Associates
  • Josh Easler, Vice President, Promotion, Arista Records
  • Emily Evans, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Country Music Association
  • Jon Folk, President, Red 11 Music
  • Mary Gauthier, Singer/Songwriter
  • Gino Genaro, Vice President, Country Music Management, Thirty Tigers
  • Asha Goodman, Vice President, Sacks & Company
  • Kevin Grosch, CEO, Made In Network
  • Todd Henry, Deputy Chief of Police, Metro Nashville Police Department
  • Megan Joyce, Vice President/Head of Business & Legal Affairs, Warner Music Nashville
  • Gary Kraen, Vice President, Operations & Programming, Tuned In Broadcasting
  • Beth Laird, Co-owner, Creative Nation Music
  • Jennifer Lane, Principal, The Vaden Group
  • Wayne Milligan, Director, Special Services & Royalty Compliance, Tri-Star Sports & Entertainment Group
  • Kevin Montler, Legal Director, Global Music, Google (San Bruno, CA)
  • Jonell Mosser, Singer/Songwriter
  • Jessica Myers, Director, Rights Management & Licensing, Big Machine Label Group
  • Dhruv Prasad, Executive VP, Live Events, Townsquare Media (Greenwich, CT)
  • Lisa Purcell, Vice President, Development, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Bob Reeves, Vice President, 1608 Promotions
  • Leslie Roberts, Executive Director, Writer Publisher Relations, BMI
  • Steve “Stevo” Robertson, Senior VP, A&R, Atlantic Records
  • Liz Rose, Owner, Liz Rose Songs
  • Shannon Sanders, Songwriter/Producer
  • Sally Seitz, Artist & Label Relations, Apple Music/iTunes
  • Barrett Sellers, Agent, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
  • Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive, Music, EA
  • Reid Shippen, Mixer/Producer/Engineer
  • Matthew “Chewy “Smith, President, CID Entertainment/Blue Dot Entertainment
  • Sarita Stewart, Assistant Professor of Entertainment Industry Studies, Belmont University
  • Trent Summar, Songwriter
  • Josh Van Valkenburg, Senior VP, Nashville A&R, Sony ATV Music Publishing
  • Bayard Walters, President, Cromwell Group, Inc.
  • Kristin Wilkinson, Musician


Leadership Music is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization whose mission is to nurture a knowledgeable, issue-oriented of music industry professionals.


Judi Turner

I’m a Dues Paying Alum

I’m a Dues Paying Alum…


(January-December 2016 Dues Year)

As of 6-17-16  *Please note: This list is updated weekly.

Matt Adams

Drew Alexander

Lainie Allbee

John Allen

Marcie Allen

Orville Almon Jr.

Chuck Aly

Monisa Angell

Claire Armbruster

Chuck Armstrong

Janice Azrak

Abby Baas

Lori Badgett

Connie Baer

Butch Baker

Jeff Balding

Craig Bann

David Barbe

John Barker

Megan Barry

Eddie Bayers

Tom Becci

Rob Beckham

John Beiter

Holly Bell

Jonathan Bender

David Bennett

Lindsay Bertelli

Kathy Best

Jessica Beutler

Sheila Shipley Biddy

Skip Bishop

Brad Bissell

Jeff Black

Kissy Black

Sherrill Blackman

Linda Bloss-Baum

Chris Boardman

Dale Bobo

Jenny Bohler

Woody Bomar

Teddi Bonadies

Sherry Bond

Julie Boos

Scott Borchetta

David Boyer

William Braddy

Frank Breeden

Scott Brickell

Mark Bright

George Briner

Matthew Bronleewe

Allen Brown

Alison Brown

Fred Buc

Steve Buchanan

Wesley Bulla

Carey Nelson Burch

Bill Cakmis

Margaret Callihan

Buddy Cannon

Neal Cappellino

Cameo Carlson

Jeff Carlton

Michael Carpenter

Cheryl Carr

Debbie Carroll

Rosemary Carroll

Don Cason

Todd Cassetty

Jacqueline Charlesworth

Jamie Cheek

Duane Clark

Dave Cobb

Todd Coder

Terence Cohan

Bradley Collins

Pat Collins

Peter Collins

Lori Condon

Karen Conrad

Eric Conn

Tony Conway

Charlie Cook

Kelly Corcoran

Chaz Corzine

Ron Cox

Mike Craft

Julie Craig

David Crow

Russ Crupnick

Gil Cunningham

Benson Curb

Kele Currier

Don Cusic

Whitney Daane

Rob Dalton

Tabitha Daly

Brenna Davenport-Leigh

Caroline Davis

Jaynee Day

Karl Dean

John Dennis

Marc Dennis

Bob DiPiero

Leslie DiPiero

Debbie Doebler

Charles Dorris

Johnny Dorris

Christi Dortch

Yvonne Drazan

Trey Dunaway

Mike Dungan

Tiffany Dunn

Kent Earls

Kitty Moon Emery

Tom English

Katy Epley

John Esposito

Rod Essig

Dale Esworthy

Marghie Evans

Kella Farris

Liz Allen Fey

Ron Fierstein

Pete Fisher

Debi Fleischer-Robin

Van Fletcher

Ben Fowler

Mark Ford

Tom Forrest

Fletcher Foster

Leslie Fram

Jay Frank

Daryl Friedman

Robert Frost

Garth Fundis

Nicole Gaia

Joe Galante

David Gales

Melinda Gales

Mandy Gallagher

Becky Gardenhire

Joanne Gardner

Blair Garner

Teresa George

Tracy Gershon

Steven Gladstone

Stephen Glicken

Jesse Goldstein

Pinky Gonzales

Suzanne Gordon

Phil Graham

Jeff Gregg

Jim Griffin

Elliot Groffman

Cathy Gurley

Dennis Gwiazdon

Tracy Hackney

Wayne Halper

Greg Ham

Kerry Hansen

Lisa Harless

Ed Harper

Michael Harrington

Becky Harris

Cheryl Harris

Aaron Hartley

Dan Hays

Kelli Haywood

Susan Heard

Gerard Helper

Terry Hemmings

Scott Hendricks

Bart Herbison

Todd Herreman

Kevin Herring

Brian Hill

Byron Hill

Daniel Hill

Jeff Hill

Kira Hilley

Jed Hilly

Bruce Hinton

Stan Hitchcock

Cyndi Hoelzle

Jeremy Holley

Chris Horsnell

Linda Edell Howard

Laurie Hughes

John Huie

Cindy Hunt

Michael Huppe

Lydia Hutchinson

Laura Hutfless

Amy Isbell

David Israelite

Deana Ivey

Jennifer Jacobsen

John Jacobson

Greg Janese

Barry Jeffrey

Lisa Jenkins

Scott Johnson

Tamara Johnson-George

Allison Jones

Brian Jones

Brock Jones

Dennis Jones

Thomm Jutz

Lori Kampa

Andrew Kautz

Jordan Keller

Steve Keller

Suzanne Kessler

Liz Kiley

Jerry Kimbrough

Andrew Kintz

Ron Kitchener

Ben Kline

Carl Kornmeyer

Amy Kurland

Chandra LaPlume

Danielle Lares-Bouharoun

Darin Lashinsky

Bernard Leadon

Lisa Lee

Janet Leese

Ellen Lehman

Kyle Lehning

Richard Leigh

Justin Levenson

Ken Levitan

Pamela Lewis

Scott Lindy

Debbie Linn

Paul Lohr

John Lomax

Russ Long

Sam Lorber

Dennis Lord

Tom Lord

Lauren Lucas

Roland Lundy

Billy Lynn

John Lytle

Kent Marcus

Steve Markland

Kirke Martin

Mike Martinovich

Mark Mason

Ralph Mastrangelo

Pam Matthews

Barry Mazor

Heather McBee

MaryAnn McCready

Al McCree

Scott McDaniel

Tim McFadden

Robert McGrew

Kim McLean

Pat McMakin

Kim McCollum Mele

Marc Meisel

Ellen Meyer

Frank Meyers

Daniel Miller

Janet Miller

Concho Minick

Bob Moczydlowsky

Tinti Moffatt

Mike Molinar

Charlie Monk

TIffany Moon

Wendell Moore

Paul Moore

Nicole More

Marshall Morgan

Lynn Morrow

Lisette Morton

Denny Mosesman

Al Moss

Darin Murphy

Roger Murrah

Abbe Nameche

Jill Napier

Mike Neal

Greg Nelson

Denise Nichols

Sally Nordlund

Suzanne Norman

Kathleen O’Brien

Robert Oermann

Robert Orral

Bob Ossof

Cliff O’Sullivan

Dixie Owen

John Ozier

Tree Paine

Chris Parr

Jackie Pattillo

Brad Paul

Ken Paulson

Wendy Pearl

Diane Pearson

Brian Penix

Chip Petree

Brian Phillips

Dave Pomeroy

Ellen Porter

Ellen Pryor

Jack Purcell

Kyle Quigley

Jonah Rabinowitz

Scott Register

Rod Riley

Sherod Robertson

Bob Romeo

Paul Roper

Sean Ross

Doug Rountree

Velvet Roussea-Kelm

Colin Rushing

Jack Rutledge

Bobby Rymer

Tamara Saviano

John Sayles

Paul Schatzkin

Jim Scherer

Ross Schilling

Michael Schoenfeld

Paul Scholten

Jenn Schott

Ralph Schulz

Lang Scott

Scott Scovill

John Shackelford

Alan Shapiro

Nancy Shapiro

Martha Sharp

Earle Simmons

Ramona Simmons

Lesly Simon

Mike Sistad

Paul Sizelove

Amy Smartt

Jennie Smythe

Mike Snider

Roger Sovine

Neal Spielberg

Chris Stacey

Judy Stakee

Phyllis Stark

John Stein

Larry Stessel

Dave Steunebrink

Denise Stevens

Skip Stevens

Susan Stewart

Denise Stiff Sheehan

Tom Storms

Peter Strickland

John Strohm

Karen Stump

John Styll

Casey Summar

Charles Sussman

Aaron Tannenbaum

Rick Taylor

Tammy Taylor

Steven Tepper

Traci Thomas

Troy Tomlinson

Judi Turner

Lester Turner

Dave Ulmer

Fred Vail

Alan Valentine

Don VanCleave

Deborah Varallo

Ben Vaughn

Sharon Vaughn

Wes Vause

Bill Velez

Troy Vest

Randy Wachtler

Brian Wagner

Melissa Wald

Sheri Warnke

Tim Warnock

Alicia Warwick

Teri Watson

Jon Weisberger

Lyndie Wenner

Steve West

Sandra Westerman-Stillwagon

Jimmy Wheeler

David Whitney

Marcus Whitney

Rachel Whitney

Stacy Widelitz

Dwight Wiles

Jay Williams

Jody Williams

Kristen Williams

Lillian Williams

Sally Williams

Colin Willis

Lane Wilson

Tim Wipperman

Nina Woodard

Roy Wunsch

David Wykoff

Laura Zabaski

Jim Zumwalt

Rolff Zwiep


25th Anniversary Event Program Book

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Words cannot adequately describe how grateful we are to the more than 450 alumni and special guests who made our 25th Anniversary event the party of a lifetime. It was an evening of reconnecting with classmates and fellow alums and celebrating the organization that brought us all together.

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