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Board/Committee/Task Force Descriptions

Board of Directors – The board meets four times per year. Each director is elected for a three-year term. The board establishes policy for and provides oversight of the operations of Leadership Music.

Executive Committee – Consists of the board president, past-president, president-elect, secretary and treasurer. Other board members may be added at the discretion of the president. Board only.

Development Committee – Responsible for major fundraising for the organization, including soliciting annual corporate donors and sponsors. Alumni may serve.

Program Day Planning Committee – Comprised of alumni from various segments of the music industry, this committee assists the co-chairs of each Program Day, who are chosen from the most recent graduating class, to oversee the planning, development and implementation for one of the eight program days – Opening Retreat, Songwriting/Publishing, Artist, Studio/Audio, Live, Record Company, Media and Closing Retreat.

Audit Committee – Oversees financial affairs of the organization, including initiating the annual audit. Board Only.

Governance Committee – The oversight committee reviews the organization’s by-laws, as well as the composition, effectiveness and knowledge of the board of directors. Board only.

Strategic Planning Committee – Identifies, develops, modifies and monitors short and long term goals of the organization. Board only.

Alumni Committee—Focus on engaging the alumni base through social activities and gatherings.

Program Committee – Provides oversight for the annual program, including reviewing the core curriculum for each program day, including making suggestions and modifications for the program as a whole.

Gift of Service/Outreach Committee – Identifies community outreach opportunities with other non-profit and educational organizations where Leadership Music alumni can become involved to make a difference in that organization and within the community.

Historical Committee– Responsible for preserving the oral, video and written history of the organization.

Dale Franklin Awards Committee– Provides guidance, oversight, planning, resources and implementation to the event which seeks to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the music industry, the community and to Leadership Music.

The Learning Network Committee – Seeks to identify and formulate topics and resources for regular quarterly educational opportunities serving Leadership Music alumni, the music and business communities.

Selection Committee – Co-chaired by the past-president and president, the Selection Committee meets for four to five weeks in April and May (if necessary) to review applications and recommend to the board of directors a slate of potential participants in the next class of Leadership Music.

Creator Task Force – (created 2/2015) – Created to communicate the importance of the Leadership Music program to the creative community in an effort to increase interest in applying for the program and keeping alumni engaged.

As of 8/21/2015

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